Company Profile



Corporate social responsibility policy

Since its establishment, FLOREX has not only been devoted to the professional technical production of PE insulation sheets as well as different refrigeration and air conditioning, but has also built positive relationships with staff, shareholders, customers, and suppliers. Moreover, we are dedicated to being a responsibie citizen in pursuit of a sustainable future.  


˙Reduce environmental damage
˙Increase the value of clients’ enterprise


˙Made in Taiwan products
˙Strengthen environmental protection and energy saving
˙High quality

Guiding principles

˙In aspect about integrity, it follows the law, morality and balances the interests of all stakeholders. Hopefully, develop sustainable business to drive the industry and supply chain into a positive cycle with own experiences.
˙In strengthening environmental protection, it devotes to achieve environmental sustainability and continues to promote green factory, green manufacturing,
and green supply chains. Besides, pursues the most efficient use of energy and resources. Meanwhile, being willing to share own experience of environmental protection and take challenges of climate change though cooperate with whole society and academia.