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New Development Product and Case History of Electronic Descaler

Electronic Descaler

Electronic Descaler

Environment issue is always the globally concerned topic. Facing the shortage problem of water in the whole world, the most imperative effort is to reduce the use of water. The serious impact to the operation of manufacturer and business is, however, the policy from government on the restriction of water.

Florex Insulation CO., LTD. has been devoted to the water treatment fields for years, and for energy-saving concerns, we have endeavored to help the resolution of scale problem in cooling water system. The unique and professional invention of Electronic Descaler has obtained CE mark and is pure physical processing. It has helped the removing of the limescale from cooling water system efficiently and has proved to yield good and apparent effects.

Normally, the evaporation of water and other unknown factors will create the scale to be grown in the cooling water system repeatedly, the heat exchanging efficiency is reduced and electricity consumption increases accordingly. Chemicals is the traditional method to remove the scale from the cooling water system, but it will cause the corrosion even penetrate the pipes in long-term use. Moreover, the equipment must break down to cleaning and the production line is consequently interrupted.

To achieve the non-scaling effect, the conventional method was known is to blow down the water with high concentration of calcium ions. In this way, it will not only waste the water insidiously, but will also render the increase of electricity to cause energy consumption.

The brand new development of Electronic Descaler is pure physical procession, zero pollution to the environment and capable to be operated in 24 hours. Based on our estimation, four Electronic Descalers are capable of processing the cooling tower at 1000 refrigeration ton, both of water and electricity are saved accordingly.

All industries are suitable to use our Electronic Descaler, and it has currently been widely applied in electronics factory, plastic extrusion and injection machine factory, laser cutting machine factory, hospitals, hotels, refrigerant food factory...etc. The Electronic Descaler has proved to bring the production line a significantly good effect on yield and efficiency.

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