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COLEX Insulation Sleeves-made in Taiwan


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COLEX Insulation Sleeves-made in Taiwan

COLEX Insulation Sleeves-made in Taiwan

In recent years, acts regulating fire resistance have grown stricter in Taiwan. Our insulation sleeves are halogen free and meet the American standard of UL-94HF-1. COLEX Insulation Sleeves also meet the requirement of Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer requirements. We do not use halogen in our product because the elements of CFCs and HCFCs can damage the ozonosphere.
COLEX Insulation Sleeves are made in Taiwan. We have all the raw materials and a factory to complete the production process. COLEX Insulation Sleeves are qualified by the examination of CNS 10487-A2165.

Easy processing

Processing is very easy since the materials are extremely soft. The sleeves can be trimmed by a blade or a pair of scissors. It can be adhered using super glue.

COLEX Insulation Sleeves-made in Taiwan

Applicability: industrial insulation, air conditioning insulation, building insulation, air conditioning units, conveying tube and motor rooms, etc.

Water resistance: closed cell foam, repels moisture. 

Anti-corrosion: sea water resistant, grease, acid, alkali, etc. antibacterial, non-toxic, odorless, non-polluting.

Processing: easy to heat press, trim, glue, adhere, etc. 

Vibration dampening: resilience, toughness, anti-collision.

Insulation: withstands extreme low and high temperatures.

Sound insulation: high quality closed cell foam, good for isolating sound.

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