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Practical Uses for PE material - Rescue Buoys


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Practical Uses for PE material - Rescue Buoys

PE Material Properties

Standard properties: waterproof, heat insulation, vibration dampening, sound insulation, light weight, anti-condensation.
Special properties: odorless, non-conductive, mold proof, antibacterial, withstands high temperature, fire resistant, insulation and anti-static.

Advantages of Rescue Buoys

A rescue buoy, or torpedo buoy, is a piece of lifesaving equipment used in water rescues. This flotation device can help support both the victim's and rescuer's weight in order to make a rescue attempt more successful.

Easy to Use

The shape of a rescue buoy is designed so that it can easily cut through water. This makes the buoy easier to handle whether it is being pulled behind a boat or carried by emergency personnel. Its ability to be easily carried can also benefit swimmers wishing to add safety to their water fun.

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