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Best equipment for removing scale - Electronic Descaler

Electronic descaler

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Best equipment for removing scale - Electronic Descaler

Water saving • Energy saving • Eco-friendly

Are you still worrying about the limescale and rust in your recirculating water system? Our electronic descaler has obtained CE marking as well as holding granted several Taiwanese and German patents. It has many benefits, such as time efficiently, easy of installation, water and energy conservation.

The Florex “Electronic descaler” is different from the traditional water treatment chemical. It uses a pure physical processing method to remove the limescale from the cooling tower. It does not need to use any chemical agents to wash, so it will not cause environmental pollution. Besides, it can be cleaned without shutting down the machine, so machines can operate continuously.

The Florex “Electronic descaler” not only meets the environmental requirements, but also gets a guarantee from many clients. It can save on electricity in cooling water systems in order to lower costs as well as conserving power.

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