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How to solve thorny scale problem

Limescale buildup inside a pipe

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Best equipment for removing scale - Electronic Descaler

Circulating water system due to water evaporation, flying and other factors, so that the scale of the system is constantly generated, affecting hot and cold exchange, both waste electricity and must stop cleaning, delay production process.

And the cooling water tower installed by company, the factory, or the building will result in power consumption and more troublesome; if the traditional water treatment can achieve the scale effect, it will cause a large amount of wastewater.

How did the scale come from? (From Wikipedia.)
When water evaporates, some of the insoluble calcium sulfate precipitates. The original dissolved calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate, in boiling water decomposition, release carbon dioxide, into insoluble calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate precipitate down, this is the origin of scale. Due to different sources, scale types are also different.

FLOREX has a unique professional technology and rich practical experience for cooling water circulation system produced scaling, rust and other problems, the introduction of scale processor using special treatment technology, for many cooling water systems due to excessive scale caused host efficiency reduction and power consumption problems, provides the best solution.

FLOREX can provide assistance with water quality problems.

We may be able to assist you further with this topic or water supply.

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