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Cooling tower principle problem of water scale and lots of water loss.

non-necessary shutdown cleaning

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Best equipment for removing scale - Electronic Descaler

The cooling tower will produce a lot of evaporation and water loss, so that the cooling water tower will refill the same amount of water loss to maintain the operation. This seemingly balanced principle brings a lot of derivative problems, and the most frequent and troublesome is scale!

FLOREX INSULATION CO., LTD. is the expert in this area. For more than 27 years, Florex has been one step ahead, discovering the issues, uncovering the myths, and getting insights for your business. In this trade show, Florex introduces an Electronic Descaler which obtained CE marking and granted German patent. It can remove scale and rust from systems, effectively capturing metal oxides from the system into its cathode net. This decreases the chance of for limescale to accumulate in the system. As it uses a pure physical processing method, water discharging is no longer required to remove limescale from the water system; therefore zero pollution goes into our environment.

So far, the Electronic Descaler has been widely used in hospitals, hotels, restaurants, electronic manufacturing factories, and plastic products industries and so on.


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