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[2018 Latest AD] FLOREX Electronic Descaler

FLOREX Electronic Descaler

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1. Removing Limescale and Rust
2. Enabling Equipment to Operate for Cleaning
3. Saving Electricity and Water Consumed by Cooling System
4. Has Obtained CE Marking

Recirculating Cooling System
Cleaning central air conditioning cooling system is expensive and labor consuming. Heat exchanging efficiency could be reduced by limescale and as a result, shutdowns are often required for cleaning.

As limescale grows in condensers, heat exchanging efficiency is reduced and electricity consumption increases.

In serious cases the equipment breaks down and the pipelines have to be replaced, and the production line is consequently interrupted.

Chemicals used to clean cooling systems are corrosive and in the long term could penetrate the pipes.

Before After Comparison
Limescale is attached to a detachable net, allowing easy removal.
Reducing At Least 10% Electricity the Equipment Consumed.

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