Colex Adhesive Sealant Tape

Colex Adhesive Sealant Tape


The technical self-adhesive foam tape designed for diversified industrial usage, protected application and the production as the development for foam packaging.

Colex Adhesive Sealant Tape is made of high-quality Foam material, offering the quick and easy way to insulate pipes, fittings and as joint material. 100% closed cell foam structure and will not absorb moisture inside to cause water condensation, our Self-Adhesive Foam Tape will therefore control the condensation from cold and chilled water efficiently.

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Colex Adhesive Sealant Tape Characteristics:

  • Non toxic and environment-friendly
  • Smooth surface makes the insulated lines clean and looks skillful
  • 100% closed cell foam to keep low water absorption and good insulation effect
  • Applied by release paper to peel off easily and quickly
  • Fit to any metal surfaces to be stuck in place firmly and long-lasting bond, no extra adhesives is needed

Packing :

  1. Supplied in roll, and each roll length is 10 meters
  2. Thickness from 3mm to 6mm thick based on requirement
  3. Packed in poly bag; 4 lots in standard carton

◆ Other specification will be welcome to inquiry case by case! ◆

Colex Adhesive Sealant Tape Material properties:
1.heat resistance
2.acoustic insulation
4.thermal insulation
6.cold resistance
7.acid and alkali resistance
9.oil resistance
10.weathering resistance
13.high density
14.Shock resistance
15.Fungus resistance

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