Stable performance and efficient

Electronic Descaler

A new development and environment-friendly production of Electronic Descaler. It has obtained CE marking and can remove scale and rust from systems efficiently. The electronic descaler utilizes special processing technology to effectively suck metal oxide in the system to the cathode net It decrease the chance for limescale to accumulate in the system.

When it is applied to an old system, the electrode generates small water clusters to help remove rust and limescale and afterward suck them to the cathode net to reduce the obstruction. As it uses a pure physical processing method, water discharging is no longer required to remove limescale from the water system.

Using it with automatic chemical dosing equipment could further prevent limescale and bacteria from accumulating. As a result chemical dosage and blow down water can be reduced.

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Electronic Descaler

Challenges in Recirculating Water Systems

  • Cleaning central air conditioning cooling system is expensive and labor consuming. Heat exchanging efficiency could be reduced by limescale and as a result, shutdowns are often required for cleaning.

  • As limescale grows in condensers, heat exchanging efficiency is reduced and electricity consumption increases.

  • In serious cases the equipment breaks down and the pipelines have to be replaced, and the production line is consequently interrupted.

  • Chemicals used to clean cooling systems are corrosive and in the long term could penetrate the pipes.

Features and Functions:

  • ECO-Friendly

  • Water Saving

  • Energy Saving

  • CE marking passed

  • Limescale and rust removing

  • Heat exchanging efficiency maintaining

  • Extending life of chillers, compressors, etc

  • Pure physical processing method, zero pollution to the environment

  • Stable performance and efficient

  • Easy to install and maintain

  • If combined with chemical cooling water treatment, it can increase the concentration ratio of cooling water and therefore reduce blow down water

Example of application:
● Industrial group
Electronic DescalerElectronic Descaler
Applied to the cooling tower of 100 refrigeration ton.
Electronic DescalerElectronic Descaler
Comparison of clean cathode net and that with scale full of.
The scale is full of after applied our Electronic Descaler for 7~14 days.

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● Semiconductor Corporation
Electronic DescalerElectronic DescalerElectronic DescalerElectronic Descaler
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