Brand new design and unique invention

Florex Pipe Support


The brand new design and unique invention of FLOREX polyethylene foam pipe support is a 100% closed cell foam structure that effectively dampens vibration.

In general, pipelines with temperature lower or higher than room temperature requires insulation, such as chilling water pipelines (0°C~10°C), brine pipelines (< 0°C), liquid nitrogen or liquid oxygen pipelines (≤ -100°C), hot spring pipelines. It is superior to wood or polyurethane that is often used as insulation material
between pipelines and pipe racks. However, there are always gaps between pipelines and pipe supports due to the inflexibility of wood and polyurethane. This is the reason behind many insulation failures that leads to dripping from pipelines, corrosion to pipelines and loss of energies.
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Florex Foam

Florex Pipe Support is made from polyethylene, cross-linkage and foaming agent. This excellent insulation material is shock absorbing and has flexibility to tightly contact with pipelines. Moreover, our special designed flexible cushions can further help pipe supports to suit pipelines, reducing the insulation failure. As for support strength, its hardness is the same as that of wood and polyurethane, can really reach the efficiency of cold insulation without gap left perfectly; furthermore, the problem like water condensation and corrosion will never occur again.

Applicable Temperature Range:
The service temperature range is from -196°C (-322.8°F) to 100°C (212°F)





Density >0.27 g/㎝³

Compressive Stress

5% deformation 7.35 kgf/㎝²
10% deformation 8.64
25% deformation 9.76
Tensile Strength >40 kgf/㎝²
Hardness >70 Type A / 1 Sec
Thermal Conductivity <0.2 Kcal/°C
Moisture Absorptivity 0.0.3 g/cm³

  • 360° support with 180° cut, it can insulate the contact from cryogenic pipe and the metal support beam completely.
  • Resistant to weight and pressure, shock absorbing and won't suck water into the cell of foam material.
  • Excellent in cold insulation, prevents dew forming on and water dripping from u-band, conserving energies, and won't be split up under freeze.
  • No dust falling, suitable for clean rooms and aseptic rooms.
  • Noise dampening and vibration damping on delivery and drainage pipelines.

Product Category

Example of application
● In Factory R-type
Electronic DescalerElectronic Descaler
FLOREX Pipe Support (R-type) is applied to chilling water pipelines of air conditioner outdoor factory. (under installing)
Electronic DescalerElectronic Descaler
● In Building O-type
Electronic DescalerElectronic Descaler
O-type FLOREX Pipe Support is applied to 26" chilling water pipelines of air conditioner.(under installing)
Electronic DescalerElectronic Descaler

Material properties:
1.heat resistance
2.acoustic insulation
4.thermal insulation
6.cold resistance
7.acid and alkali resistance
9.oil resistance
10.weathering resistance
13.high density
14.Shock resistance
15.Fungus resistance

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